Mr. Kevin Allen, Chief Executive Officer, University Hospital of the West Indies

One of the wonderful things about working at the UHWI for as long as I have is witnessing the growth and development of not just the institution, but that of our human resource. As a teaching, research and patient care institution, I have witnessed students of medicine, nursing, radiology among others emerging to be outstanding representatives of their professions, who give back wholeheartedly to the Hospital. 

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), is the first hospital in Jamaica to introduce the "Best Practise Service Organization(BPSO) programme".  One of the best practices to be introduced is providing a more patient centred care service. This means, we strive to give patients greater involvement in the decisions taken regarding their overall treatment. By this approach, we expect to improve the quality of healthcare, while reducing cost. This novel approach can be applied to any speciality and is effective across illnesses.  We expect that this partnership will lead to more satisfied patients who feel empowered about their healthcare and with this positive effect, our patients will have a lower symptom burden.

We are clear on our vision and purpose, and so we direct our knowledge and act consistently towards improving the services we provide.  By improving the quality of doctor patient relationships, we expect improvement in patient clinical outcomes and satisfaction ratings. I trust and believe in my team, and I am proud and indeed humbled to lead such a fine group of diverse employees with an extensive knowledge base; they are our most valuable asset. 

The UHWI team is totally committed to its survival as the leading institution for teaching, research and patient care. There may be challenges in achieving our goals,  but I give my solemn commitment that we will always give of our best.