The UHWI Eye Clinic continues to strive to deliver excellence in diagnostics and therapeutic services for our patients. In continued partnership with us, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints (LDS) has donated a Zeiss YAG Laser valued at JA$3.5 million dollars. Last year the LDS Humanitarian mission donated over 7 million dollars of equipment (Optical Coherence Tomogram) to the Ophthalmic division which has significantly improved treatment care for our patients.


The German built VISULAS® YAG III Combi from ZEISS is the “multipurpose” laser for treatment of post cataract surgery capsular opacification and for established glaucoma therapies. It is an essential laser for an ophthalmology department. This donation of the laser completes our UHWI Eye Laser suite and allows us to offer laser treatment to our population for glaucoma and secondary cataract procedures, in addition to our previous laser which is used for diabetic eye disease.


By using this photo disruptive laser to do a YAG posterior capsulotomy, patients who have lost vision since having a cataract surgery due to capsular opacification obtain visual improvement within minutes.


The YAG laser is also used in the emergency management of acute narrow angle glaucoma (very high pressures in the eye), where a delay in treatment could result in permanent loss of vision.