1. Why do I have to wait so long to be admitted? The process entails doctors conducting ward rounds to review in-patients before out-patients are seen. The time it takes for out-patients to be seen is dependent on how many in-patients the doctors have in their care.
  2. Why am I being sent back home if I was booked/called for admission? Patients are admitted based on the availability of beds. Booked or scheduled appointments are sometimes postponed due to emergency admissions.
  3. Why is my surgery being cancelled? Scheduled/booked surgeries may be cancelled due to emergencies in the Main Operating Theatre e.g. Changes in your blood pressure.
  4. Why can't I use my own sheet in hospital? The use of your sheet in the Hospital is not encouraged due to the risk of transferring infection between hospital and your home. This is to ensure that standardized linen is used across the hospital.
  5. Why can't I take my radio and television to the Hospital? In an effort to contain cost on electricity we do not allow the use of electrical appliances, such as radios, television etc. A small battery operated radio with earphones is allowed to prevent disruption with other patients. Television sets are provided on most wards. The UHWI is not responsible for lost or damaged equipment/items that you take on the Hospital.