Future of Diagnosis Has Arrived: UHWI Revolutionizing Diagnosis in Jamaica and the Region





On June 6, 2023 the University Hospital of the West Indies was pleased to introduce to the public their latest equipment in diagnostic intervention, the 128 Slice CT Scanner. The unit, with the equipment, was officially opened by The Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Honourable Christopher Tufton, who expressed great delight in celebrating the achievement of the acquisition of this revolutionary and advanced imaging equipment that will improve patient care across the island and to a greater extent the region. The Minister in his speech expressed that UHWI should “Remain on the cutting edge and forge continuously, based on history of quality but also based on future trends and developments….You ( UHWI) must keep ahead of the curve…otherwise people look elsewhere for support, otherwise the confidence in you becomes diminished..”


  Capabilities of 128 Slice CT Scanner


The advent of the 128 slice CT scanner at the University Hospital of the West Indies, represents a significant leap forward in the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. The 128 slice CT scanner's ability to capture a greater number of slices in a single rotation allows for faster and more efficient scans, minimizing patient discomfort and reducing the time spent in the imaging suite. One of the key benefits of the 128 Slice CT Scanner is its ability to capture images in high resolution, allowing for better visualization of structures within the body. This increased level of detail enables our radiologists to identify even the smallest abnormalities, facilitating early detection and intervention.




The diagnostic accuracy provided by the 128 Slice CT Scanner will ensure that our patients receive the most appropriate treatment based on accurate and detailed images. This technological advancement will significantly improve our ability to detect and diagnose a wide range of conditions, from cardiovascular diseases to neurological disorders. The scanner's fast acquisition time also supports emergency cases, where time is of the essence, offering a swift and reliable method of identifying critical conditions, such as strokes or injuries.


In addition to all that, the 128 Slice CT Scanner offers a range of imaging options, including angiography and perfusion scanning. These additional capabilities enable our medical professionals to assess blood flow, detect blockages, and evaluate tissue viability. With these advanced imaging techniques, the University Hospital can provide comprehensive diagnostic services, catering to a wide variety of patient needs. By utilizing this state-of-the-art technology, we are able to deliver high-quality healthcare that is both effective and efficient, thus leading to better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction.


 UHWI continued service of Excellence in Healthcare


Essentially, the 128 Slice CT Scanner at UHWI is an invaluable tool in the diagnostic process. With its advanced technology and exceptional accuracy, this scanner will allow our physicians to improve their ability to detect and diagnose a wide range of conditions, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. The high-resolution images and fast acquisition times allow for prompt decision-making, enabling our medical professionals to provide timely and effective treatment. Additionally, the scanner's versatility in imaging options ensures that we can cater to a diverse set of patient needs. Through the utilization of this advanced technology, our hospital is able to offer the highest level of care and stay at the forefront of medical innovation in the region.