1. I want a washout. Is that what detoxification does? No. Addiction Treatment Services, formerly known as Detox provides a medically supervised withdrawal process from substances when needed.
  2. How long is the programme? It is a (3) week programme.
  3. My loved one does not want admission but needs it, can I get him/her admitted? The programme is voluntary.
  4. My son is aggressive and smokes. Can he be admitted? An assessment through Emergency Medicine Division as to a possible mental illness may be needed, admission criteria are met and space is available.
  5. Will my loved one be cured? We provide clients with the tools for recovery to assist them in managing their chemical substance abuse effectively.
  6. I want help, but not to be admitted. Outpatient treatment services are available.
  7. Does the clinic have to stay (3) weeks? We strongly recommend it especially for long term users.
  8. What is the cost per night? Please contact us.
  9. I can't afford the cost of treatment. An Assessment Officer will help you work out a plan.