1. What are the visiting times? 8am - 8pm, but parents/caregivers may visit at anytime.
  2. Are there private rooms available? Private rooms are not available.
  3. How long will my child stay in hospital? This is dependent on his/her condition. The doctors who manage his/her care will keep you updated.
  4. Can I take meals for my child? Yes, except where the child is on a special diet, food will have to be prepared by the Hospital's dietary department.
  5. Do I have to pay the bill before my child leaves the Hospital? It is best to do so but if you are unable to make your payments in full discuss a payment plan with the Assessment Officer.
  6. Why is the doctor giving my child so many needle sticks? It is needed for blood investigations, fluid hydration and administering of medications.
  7. Why does the Doctor have to withdraw blood so many times from my child? Doctors have to perform certain procedures in order to give the child the best care possible and blood testing helps to determine what can be done to improve health.
  8. Can I get update on my child? Certainly. Please speak with the nurse in charge or doctor.
  9. Can both parent/guardian stay overnight with the child? Only (1) parent/guardian is allowed to stay overnight.
  10. How long will the surgery last? Cannot give a timeframe; it all depends on several factors e.g type of surgery, complications etc.
  11. How soon can my child eat after surgery? As soon as the Doctor assesses and reviews your child and gives the go ahead, your child can eat.
  12. Why does the nurse wake up my child to medicate him/her? Medications help with the healing process and have to be given at specific times.
  13. How long will the wound take to heal and will it leave a scar? It depends on the individual and the surgery that is done; healing process varies.
  14. Will I get supplies to take him/her home to do the dressing? No, the child must be taken to the Health Centre for dressing after the ward review. You will be given a referral to have the dressing done at the nearest Health Centre.