Kingston, Jamaica: October 16, 2019:  The Digital X-ray Unit commissioned in the University Hospital of the West Indies’ (UHWI) Emergency Medicine Department (EMD) will significantly reduce the waiting time for patients needing an x-ray.

“With the advent of the digital x-ray machine, patients can have their x-rays done within the department in a short time (as short as 15 minutes). The doctor then has access to the x-ray without the need of printing any films as the system is digital and can easily be reviewed,” said Dr. Simone French, Head of EMD, UHWI. “Patients can then have a decision made about whether they need any special procedures e.g. cast for a fracture, or whether they need to be referred to a subspecialty for further management as an inpatient, thus speeding up the time taken to make that decision.”

The Unit is a performance-oriented ceiling-mounted digital X-ray system that delivers diagnostic quality images for fast, efficient exams, offering patients the kind of versatility necessary to address a broad range of clinical applications.

Mr. Kevin Allen, CEO, UHWI, noted that the upkeep of the machine is very important.

“We have put repair and maintenance services in place. So we expect that we’ll get the optimum service from this piece of equipment. We’ll use it to the best of our ability, as we continue to train, teach and offer patient services.”

On average, forty (40) x-rays are done daily and it’s anticipated that the usage will further increase. The equipment is valued at US$250 thousand.