As part of our social and corporate responsibility, the Finance Recreational & Planning Committee adopted a charity for Child's month which was sponsored by Niche Financing Limited.  The selected charity was the UHWI Paediatric Block under the theme "Touching Lives & Transforming Hearts". 

A treat was held for the children on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 commencing at 12:00pm.  The children were feted and given a goody bag with their favourite toy and treat.  This was greatly appreciated by Sister in Charge of Paediatrics Mrs. Marva Forbes who in her 'Vote of Thanks', thanked the organizing committee for remembering the children who are often forgotten.  The children truly enjoyed themselves and expressed appreciation for the fun filled afternoon they had.


Front row, from left to right;Thankita Wright, Samantha Wellington, Representatives from Niche Financing Limited, Sherone Duncan, Vashti Bignall-Smith and Cary Monoz. Back row from left to right; Mark-Odean Grant, Tamara Clarke, Jomo Sudlow, Dwigth Salmon and Olando King (missing from photo)


The Finance & Recreational Committee (FRPC) would like to thank its members and everyone who participated in making this event a huge success.  We hope that this will become an annual event.


Kindest regards,

Thankita Wright

 Chairman, FRPC