On Thursday there was an inter-programme Quiz Competition.  This was won by the team from the Mental Health Programme. They received the trophy and gold medals presented by Mrs. Claudett James, and a cake from the UHWI League of Graduate Nurses presented by Mrs. Heather Davis, representing the League. Second was Surgery 1 Team, they all received silver medals presented by Dr. .Hilda Ming, Director of Nursing Staff Development Division (NSDD). Third was Surgery 3 Team, they all received bronze medals presented by Mrs. Linda Ming, Acting Director HRD.

Nurses Week Quiz 2017competition winners – Mental Health Programme


Nurses Week Quiz competition second place winners - Surgery 1 Team


Nurses week Quiz competition third place winners - Surgery 3 Team



For Surgery 1 it was presented to Miss Sheryl Fearon, Clinical Nurse Manager of the programme by Mrs. Heather Davis.


Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Sister S. Murdock was presented her gift bag  by the Nurse of Excellence Miss Claudean Tucker.


For Surgery 3 programme gift bag was presented to Mrs. Christine Wilson by Acting Director of the programme, Mrs. Heather Davis


The following are the names of the Quiz Team members:

MEDICINE PROGRAMME                                           

Douglas Boothe
Rojay Passley
Lamoyje Fletcher
Nadine Baker
Rochelle Myers



Shanoi Smith
Sherika Heywood
Rushell Rowe
Clodene Barnes



Danie Elliott
Renee Gooden
Dayna Tulloch
Sade Williams
Tamara Francis



Kemesha McCalla       
Christie Campbell
Rashmi Sampath
Antonette Bent
Lecia Rodney


The Chair Person for the final session of the competition was Miss Doreen Cushnie, member of the Social & Welfare Committee and also Clinical Nurse Manager for Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Quiz Master for that session was Mrs. P. Derby-Perry, Nurse Educator.