1. What are the visiting times? For adult wards 11am-12noon and 6:30pm to 8:30pm Mondays to Saturdays and 10am-12noon, 3pm-5pm, 6:30pm-8pm on Sundays and Public Holidays. No more than (2), visitors are allowed at each patient's bedside at one time.
  2. Can I stay with my relative overnight? Relatives may be permitted to stay overnight. This is considered on a case by case basis and the nurse's discretion.
  3. Can my relative's home care giver stay with him/her? Yes. This is permitted as your relative is more familiar with this person and his/her presence may help his/her recovery.
  4. Who are allowed to visit patients in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)? Visiting is limited to close relatives and clergy; the frequency and duration are based on the patient's condition and treatment.
  5. Can I have a private nurse care for my relative? Private nursing care is only provided on the Private Wing of the Hospital.
  6. How can I get my relative transferred to the Private Wing? Discuss your desire with the doctors who are caring for him/her; and a consultant will have to agree to take responsibility for his/her care.
  7. Are there private rooms? Private rooms are only provided on the Private Wing of the Hospital.
  8. What should I take with me to the Hospital? Medications: Take all the medications you are currently taking.
    Personal Care Items/toiletries:
    Might gowns, pyjamas, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, soap container, hairbrush, comb and deodorant. University Hospital of the West Indies is not responsible for the loss of personal items including eyeglasses, dentures, cell phones and laptops. Patients are advised to leave valuables, including jewellery, at home and not carry more than $500 in cash for personal use.
  9. Will I be used as a “guinea pig” for students to practice on? The University Hospital is a teaching institution where students from all health care disciplines may participate in patient care. This is done with close supervision by a trained professional. Each patient is managed by a team of doctors and each team is headed by a consultant who is responsible for your care.
  10. Can I take meals for my relative? Yes, but with consultation with the medical team. If he/she is on a special diet the meals will be prepared by the dietary department and you will be referred to the dietician.