Teaching and Training

The University Hospital of the West Indies has succeeded exceedingly well in providing Jamaica, the wider Caribbean region and other parts of the world with qualified medical personnel and has made valuable contributions to research.

As the largest hospital in Jamaica and the largest teaching hospital in the region, the UHWI has been the trailblazer in facilitating advanced medical technology and research. For example, the introduction of In-vitro Fertilization.

The University Hospital also provides work experience for students from tertiary and secondary institutions. In addition, data collection to fulfill academic assignments is facilitated.


One of the main goals of the Hospital is to provide excellence in patient care. The UHWI has all the clinical specialities of a modern teaching hospital, including an Addiction Treatment Services Unit (ATSU, former Detoxification Unit), the Centre for HIV/AIDS Research, Education and Services (C.H.A.R.E.S), Dietetics, Medical Social Work, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Public Health, Cardiology, Pulmonary and Radiology.