The idea for the Physiotherapy Art Competition arose when it was realized that there would be a great deal of empty wall space in the new Department. Having no funds for aesthetics, we thought it would be a great idea to do the work ourselves and make it fun. The rules of the competition did not require anyone to be artistic and it did not limit participants to a specific media. They were able to enter any item from a picture, poster, painting, etc., as long as it was done by them. It was felt as well that art pieces done by staff would be a way to leave something tangible behind to be remembered. The entries were indeed varied as we had a puzzle, painitng, sketch, collages, photos, crochet and even a bust (decorated half manikin). 


There were 10 entries in the competition. Prizes were donated by Barco Caribbean Distributors, Rubis Energy Jamaica Limited (Manor Park Station) and Miss Catherine Sweetland.  Judges were Miss Sophia Gregg Director (Acting), C.Q.I.D., U.H.W.I. , Miss Angela Magnus Lecturer at the Edna Manley School of Music and Mr Lloyd Butler Business Development Manager, U.H.W.I.

First place went to Mr Nicholas Henry, second place prize went to Miss Catherine Sweetland, thiird place price was jointly won by Mrs. Diandra Henry and Miss Antoinette McLean. Consolation prizes were given to the participants: Mr Nicholas Bromley, Dr. Ramon Hunter, Mrs. Annastacia King-Kelly, Miss Dezrine Reid and Miss Grace Stephenson. The main prizes were presented by Miss Gregg, and the consolation prizes were presented by Mrs. Stephanie Wheeler-Young.


Senior Supervisor

Physiotherapy Department