Coronary Artery Disease is very prevalent in Jamaica and worldwide, and there are many patients in need of Coronary Artery Bypass (CABG) surgery. The UHWI is the only hospital in Jamaica that does adult open heart surgery. It is vital for institutions doing cardiac surgery to have IABPs.

The Intra-Aorta Balloon Pump (IABP) is required to treat critically ill and unstable patients with severe myocardial dysfunction prior to having CABG surgery and/or to support such patients after CABG surgery.The UHWI is the only hospital in Jamaica that does 'coronary artery bypass graft' (commonly referred to a 'CABG') surgery. As the IABP is used specifically for patients requiring CABG surgery, it is required only at the UHWI. Fortunately, we now have two as one patient may require an IABP for several days, should a second similar patient present during that time, that patient would be at risk of death without the benefit of this second IABP. When needed there are no substitutes, hence the need for more than one.