Mr. Kevin Allen –CEO, UHWI receiving donation from Ms. Afryea Cox and Vice Production with team members Terry Joe Downer andMiss Danielle Asphall.


 (R-L) Mr. Kevin Allen –CEO, UHWI, Miss Afryea Cox, Miss Law 2016  and team, Mrs. Lorian Gordon-Waler, Director of Contracts.


Miss Afryea Cox, Miss Law 2016 and Director of Vice Productions along with her team arranged a production between February 24 and February 26, 2017, where the proceeds would go towards improving the Chemotherapy Unit.  A donation of J$100,800.00 was handed over to the University Hospital of the West Indies on June 30, 2017.The names of her team member are Miss Terry Joe Downer, Miss Danielle Asphall, Mr. Shajoe Lake (Absent from the presentation).