On May 17, 2010, with the aid of sponsorship from the CHASE Fund, the hospital first opened doors to its Customer Service Centre. The Centre is managed by the Continuous Quality Improvement Department (CQID) and plays a pivotal role in the functions and operations of the University Hospital of the West Indies. The Customer Service Agents provide all patients, relatives, visitors and staff with information pertaining to the services offered at the hospital, internal directions, locating patients, clinic related issues as well as any necessary information one may need to get around the hospital.

The Centre is the first point of contact for most patients and visitors. During the period May 2010 to 2011, over 24, 124 persons were assisted directly by the Customer Service Agents.

Departmental Objectives

  • To ensure that clients are assisted promptly and get to their destination/appointment without delay.
  • To ensure that requested information is addressed immediately.
  • To escort clients to their destination if they are incapable of doing so without assistance.
  • To ensure that the staff is equipped with knowledge, authority and responsibility to handle inquiries or make the correct reference to someone who has the necessary information.
  • Conduct customer satisfaction surveys every year to receive feedback on how we may improve the hospital's services.