Incubator and Defibrillator Handover


    Christmas Carolling 2017


    Donation of Fridge


    World Preemie Day - Tiny Feet, Big Impact


    Rotary Club - Donation of Fans


    Rotary Club Donation - Defibrillator


    Donation of Foot Pedals


    Pharmacy Week 2017


    International Operating Room Nurses Day


    Reopening ICU-A


    Supreme Ventures Donation


    Best for Mommy & baby - Launch


    UHWI Pink Day 2017


    Donation to UHWI for improving the Chemotherapy Unit


    Guardian Group Keep It Alive 5K Night Runs - Kingston May 27, 2017


    Tour of new Broilers, Petroleum Tank, ICU-A and Ward 18


    BPSO Launch


    Administrative Week Activities


    Visit of South African Delegation


    UHWI Day Care Nursery 2017 Labour Day Project


    Staff member of SOL Petroleum making donations to children on Paediatric wards,  14, 15 and 16.  


    Intra-Aorta Balloon Pump Donation by Dr. Alva Smith 


    7th Annual Dorrie Patterson Nursing Research Day 


    Training Session Terumo BCT Spectra Optia Blood Apheresis Unit (Plasmapheresis Unit) (Unlocking the Potential of Blood) 


    Presentation of Ophthalmic Equipment


    UHWI Medical Nursing Staff Breast Cancer Awareness Month


    Flow and UWI Development & Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) donation


    Lions Club of Downtown Kingston donation of a Wheelchair to the Emergency Medicine Division


    UHWI Cardiology Unit gets ECG machine from Rotary Club of Downtown Kingston


    Food for the Poor MasPower Generator Donation


    Cheque Donation


    Isolation Room for Paediatric Cancer Patients opens at UHWI


    UHWI Finance Department Paediatric Treat 


    UHWI Finance Department Paediatric Treat


    Physiotherapy Art Competition


    Labour Day Projects


    Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO)


    St. Hugh's Handover


    Administrative Professionals’ Day 2016


    Fogging Machine Donation


    Micropulse Laser Slit Lamp Donation


    Keeler Cyromaster Machine Donation


    UHWI receives TOPCON Fundus Camera for Ophthalmic Division


    Easter Treat - " Meet and Greet"


    Mother receives Certificate of Appreciation for donation


    Guardian Group $13m Donation


    Health Fair 2015! 'Prevention for Wellness'


    Guardian Group 'Keep it Alive' 5K


    Ring Road Project