The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHW) is advising the public that its tele-triage system has now been operationalized in the Emergency Medicine Division (EMD).

Therefore, if you think you have been exposed and have symptoms to that of COVID-19 call these numbers 876-541-1043 or 876-541-1044 ahead of time before coming directly to the EMD. Also, be prepared to speak to your symptoms, exposure and travel history.

Telephone triage involves the safe, appropriate and timely assessment of patient symptoms via phone, by trained, experienced nurses and doctors. They use strategies such as pattern recognition, symptoms and clinical assessment to formulate a “working diagnosis”.  As a result, the staff in the emergency department will be better equipped to balance their surging workload while providing faster, safer and better care.

Tele-triage platforms have been used in other hospitals across the globe and have helped to reduce wait times and improved emergency department efficiency.