The Child Welfare Clinic/Well Baby Clinic was established in the early seventies by the Department of Child Health of the University of the West Indies who later partnered with the University Hospital of the West Indies to provide a Primary Health Care Service for well children in the age group 0-5 years. 

This clinic operates similarly to Primary Health Care Clinics in the community and provides a similar service for children in the age group specified. All immunizations against vaccine preventable diseases are provided through the Ministry of Health Expanded Immunization Programme. We also offer some other vaccines not provided by the Ministry of Health at a cost to the parents which are optional. The child’s Milestones Growth and Development are monitored very closely in order for early intervention to be taken as is necessary. As a tertiary care facility, referrals for early intervention can be utilized promptly. If the child needs to be referred to an agency outside of the institution for further management, this can be facilitated.  This facility is staffed and managed by competent and trained Public Health Nurses who are assisted by equally competent Community Health Aides and a Patient Care Assistant. A Consultant in Paediatrics is available when necessary.

Services Provided by the Clinic

  • Immunizations against vaccine preventable illnesses such as:
    Pentavalent – Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus, HIB, (Meningitis), Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and Reubella.
    Other optional vaccines- Rotarix (Preventing Gastroenteritis from the rota- virus), Chicken pox, HIB (Booster dose).
  • Health Education individually and collectively for all parents/ guardians on parenting, management of the child, nutrition and all matters of public health signifance.
  • Direct home visits or through the use of the linkage system through collaboration with colleagues in the Primary Health Care system.
  • Complete Interview of all parents/guardians to establish the child’s milestone development which might not be picked up on observation only.
  • Monitoring and recording of all growth parameters on each visit for evaluation and education where necessary.
  • Complete physical checks on all children on the final visit to the clinic making sure there are no missed problems.
  •  Monitoring and recall of all parents/guardians who might have missed clinic visits particularly if a vaccine is due for the child.
  • Referral to all Services in the Institution and to agencies outside as is necessary.