Department Overview


The Management Information System (MIS) Department's mission is to “Provide a leading edge, high quality information technology infrastructure to support the establishment and maintenance of new and existing healthcare products, services and practices in the most cost effective and efficient way through the use of technology, innovation and best practices.

To facilitate the changes from the conventional ways of doing business to the new vision – Internet Protocol (IP) and being data centric, the department has understood that the three fundamental tasks to achieving success are:

  • Establishing a clear vision
  • Identifying the services to be provided
  • Defining optimum service level agreement (SLA) with each Business Department

We deliver solutions that are Current, Accurate, Timely, Economically feasible, Reliable and Sustainable.

Emphasis is placed on Service Support and Service Delivery to our departments and any other stakeholder that encompass the ambit of the UHWI Business Enterprise.


The MIS Department provides support services to the entire organization, both clinical and administrative. We are charged with the accountability of the management and maintenance of the organization's ITC infrastructure, and more importantly, the integrity, security and the availability of UHWI's mission critical data. Our responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Provision of technical support to all end users.
  • Maintenance of our Local Area Network (LAN), including a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Maintenance of computers, copiers, printers etc.
  • Ensuring the integrity, availability and security of the organization's data.
  • Leveraging information technology to improve work processes and enhance patient care.
  • Identifying and implementing emerging technologies that are applicable and beneficial to the fundamental purpose of the organization.

The department is comprised of the following functional areas to ensure efficient and effective service delivery:

  • MIS Administration
  • ICT Help Desk
  • Infrastructure and User Support
  • Applications and Software Engineering Management
  • ICT Project Management and Strategic Planning