Fire Safety Warden

A fire warden is a designated person within an organization who is allocated certain responsibilities to help support the ongoing management of fire safety, by contributing to the safety of people in the event of a fire.


Who can be a Fire Warden:

Staff member who is willing to accept the responsibility of managing emergency situations. Also:


Must be able to calmly evaluate and respond in emergencies.


Be able to provide leadership and guidance to individuals in emergency situations.


Be able to calmly direct persons to safety and evacuate the space as is necessary.


Key duties of Fire Wardens include:

  • to assist in implementing and improving effective emergency procedures in your workplace;

  • to help prevent emergencies by monitoring the adequacy of the fire risk control measures;

  • to raise awareness with other staff about the fire hazards that exist in your workplace;

  • to instruct workers in how to respond in an emergency;

  • to lead the fire drills and real evacuation procedures – they must be familiar with all escape routes and exits from their designated area;

  • to ensure all workers are accounted for during an evacuation; and

  • to assist all people in the workplace should an emergency occur, including assisting people with special needs, e.g. helping someone in a wheelchair to evacuate.


During an evacuation, Fire Wardens need to:

  • direct everyone to leave the building using all the appropriate routes and exits (and not inappropriate exits such as lifts, elevators);

  • check all accessible spaces in their area, including the bathroom, to make sure everyone has evacuated – this should be done on the way out of the building so that the fire warden isn’t putting themselves at risk by re-entering the evacuated area;

  • close the doors to help to isolate the fire; and

  • guide everyone to the assembly area and assist in checking that everyone has arrived safely.


Importance of Fire Wardens:


Provide first response (while Fire Brigade is en route – if safe to do so)


Ensure occupants evacuate the space, as is necessary


Organise staff in a manner that minimises that probability of exposure of staff, patient, visitor to the fire