The University Hospital of the West Indies envisions itself as a dynamic, environmentally safe, adequately equipped organisation with trained and highly motivated staff dedicated to promoting teaching, research and the delivery of the highest quality health care to meet the needs of the region.


To all of us at the University Hospital of the West Indies:

  • Quality is a degree of excellence consistent with a predetermined set of measurable standards for providing cost efficient services and ensuring patient satisfaction.
  • Quality involves continuous assessment of teaching and research methodology and health care. It includes innovative ideas to maintain the delivery of services of the highest standards.
  • Quality means providing the society with highly trained, skilled and motivated professionals who will deliver optimum care to our patients and their families.




At the University Hospital of the West Indies we are driven by a strict set of values:

  • Respect – We show respect for each other and for our patients.
  • Integrity – We act honestly, transparently, and responsibly.
  • Teamwork – We work collaboratively as an integrated team.
  • Excellence – We continually seek ways to improve patient care.
  • Equity – We treat all categories of staff fairly and impartially.

These core values serve as our guiding principles and drive our actions each day. They result in high employee engagement and commitment, and guide our long-term development. v